Sunday, May 01, 2005

MOUNTAIN GORILLAS - Missing gorillas re-appear

Great news from Uganda as reported by this News24 article, on the re-appearance of a group of Mountain Gorillas who disappeared mysteriously last year. Their disappearance prompted theories that Rwandan people had lured them over the border to increase their own Mountain Gorilla tourism at the expense of the Ugandan's.
A group of rare gorillas whose disappearance from a Ugandan reserve last year sparked rumours of primate-napping by neighbouring Rwanda have re-appeared, excited wildlife officials said on Friday.

After a five-month absence, the highly endangered animals returned last week to their forest home in south-west Uganda's Mgahinga National Park and with two new additions, Uganda Wildlife Authority chief Moses Mapesa said.

"They went 8, but they have returned 10 with a new baby and another individual," he said.