Saturday, May 21, 2005

DON MERTON - Winging it by Kim Griggs

Writer Kim Griggs contacted me to point me in the direction of her recent interview with Kakapo conservationist Don Merton. The interview can be found on the New Zealand Listener site. Winging it by Kim Griggs.
Don Merton is legendary for helping to save the Chatham Island black robin. And he caught the last Fiordland kakapo and genetic hope for that species' survival. He has, in the words of author Douglas Adams, "probably done more than any man living to preserve the threatened birds of New Zealand". This month Don Merton, conservationist, bows out.

At 18, Don Merton ignored well-meaning advice that he wouldn't make a living out of conservation, and he joined the wildlife branch of the Department of Internal Affairs, staying for 48 years.
We've featured Kim's work on this site before with this April 28th post.

And do visit Kim Griggs own site at to see more of her work.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting and unusual site. I must return when I have a bit more time and do some digging around. Always good to meet another Brit lost in the wilds of the new world too, of course.
Gone Away