Wednesday, January 12, 2005

STATUS REPORT 2004 - Baiji Dolphin remains World's Rarest Mammal's list of World's Rarest Mammals was updated again on December 30th 2004 and, regrettably, the Baiji Dolphin remains at the top of the list!
Most recent population estimates in italics.

The Baiji Dolphin is classified as CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (2003).
2003: Maybe no more than a few tens of individuals

The Aye-Aye Lemur is still classified as ENDANGERED (2003).
1994: An order of magnitude estimate would be 1000-10,000

The Amazonian Manatee is classified as VULNERABLE (2004).
1977: A minimum population of 10,000

The Mountain Gorilla sub-species of Gorilla is listed on the single Gorilla page. Gorillas are generally classified as ENDANGERED.
2004: At least 700