Saturday, April 09, 2011

Eleven Kakapo Chicks Hatched - 131 and counting

Here's some wonderful news from Codfish Island. Eleven fluffy Kakapo chicks have made their entrance in recent weeks, and we now have 131 Kakapos in the world. has the full story.
The arrival of 11 new kakapo chicks this breeding season has been welcomed by Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson.

The new arrivals will boost the world population of the rare native parrot to 131 birds.
The chicks - including potentially two conceived through ground-breaking artificial insemination techniques - have all hatched in the past few weeks.

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Sirocco Kakapo said...

Skraark! There's even better coverage of these new arrivals here:

Sadly, just as this story was breaking, so too was the news that the man credited with saving the New Zealand black robin AND the kakapo - Dr Don Merton- had died.

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