Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kakapo Artificial Insemination a 2009 Success

Paternity tests by the Department of Conservation have confirmed that two of the 33 Kakapo chicks hatched in 2009 were conceived after artificial insemination of the females. The Southland Times has the story.
DOC kakapo recovery manager Deidre Vercoe said infertility had been a big problem and this was a significant breakthrough.
Six female kakapo were artificially inseminated using different sperm storage techniques. Sperm collected and refrigerated for two to five hours before insemination was the most successful method, resulting in two female chicks.
2009 was such a fabulous year for the Kakapo, but it looks like 2010 won't be quite as prosperous.
There was little rimu fruit ripening this year and the birds were not expected to breed.

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