Thursday, September 03, 2009

TV Series Trailer

The voice of Stephen Fry, from a trailer playing on the BBC...
My journey begins in lands far away, in search of the rarest of creatures,
the bushy tailed Aye-Aye, with witch-like fingers,
the fragrant whiskered Kakapo Parrot, way too heavy for flight,
the fork-tongued Komodo Dragon, breathing its foul breath,
the white rhino with strange squared lips,
and the mermaid like Manatee, blissfully gliding through rivers,
all wonderful beasts, but all endangered.
Follow my quest to find them, before they fade away... forever.

Join Stephen Fry in what might be our Last Chance To See. Sunday at Eight, on BBC2.

Thanks to a commenter below, the video may be available in the UK at


Sian said...

You can view the trailer at:

Gareth said...

Unfortunately, "This video is not available in my country due to copyright restrictions.", however, if its an official BBC video, I'd like to post the "embed" code into this post (if its available). If someone can email me the embed code I'd appreciate it. Email address is in the side-bar.