Friday, May 15, 2009

Huge Population of Rare Dolphins Discovered

Here's some news from a few weeks ago. A large population of some 6000 Irrawaddy dolphins were recently found living in Bangladesh’s Sundarbans mangrove forest and the Bay of Bengal. Full story at
“With all the news about freshwater environments and state of the Oceans, WCS’s discovery that a thriving population of Irrawaddy dolphins exists in Bangladesh gives us hope for protecting this and other endangered species and their important habitats,” said Dr. Steven E. Sanderson, President and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society. “WCS is committed to conservation of these iconic marine species from dolphins, sea turtles, sharks to the largest whales.”

“This discovery gives us great hope that there is a future for Irrawaddy dolphins,” said Brian D. Smith, the study’s lead author. “Bangladesh clearly serves as an important sanctuary for Irrawaddy dolphins, and conservation in this region should be a top priority.”

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Christie Lynn said...

Actually, they were discovered five years ago. I explain what really happen on my blog. The short version, though, is that the paper got further presented at a conference recently, even though one was published on the find a while ago, so they decided to make a big press release like it just happened. Truth is those 6,000 are already factored into the 2008 IUCN Red List stance for this species - which is still vulnerable, even with the 6K find. Basically, this is old news jazzed up like new news.