Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Last Chance To See - The Radio Series *UPDATED*

The BBC Last Chance To See "Radio" page has been updated to include the second full radio episode "Gone Fishing!". This episode features Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine in their hunt for the Yangtze's Baiji Dolphin, which led to one of the most well loved passages in the original Last Chance To See book - the trip to the Shanghai Friendship Store. The BBC have pushed back the release of the Rodrigues Fruitbat radio episode, originally scheduled for today, until December.

The radio series episode guide in David Haddock's "The Story of Last Chance To See" has been updated with the link to all the audio released so far.

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Brian F said...

It looks as though they are now blocking the US. ::sigh::

I get the "Not Available in Your Area" when I try to play the radio program from the BBC site.