Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bumper crop for Rimu will help the Kakapo

The One has very promising news for the upcoming Kakapo Breeding season, and it's all based on the anticipated big crop of Rimu tree fruit. The Rimu seems to be the best aphrodisiac for Kakapo, because last time the levels were at this level was 2002, when 24 Kakapo hatched.

For more information on Dacrydium cupressinum, check out the Wikipedia page about Rimu.
Dacrydium cupressinum is a large evergreen coniferous tree endemic to the forests of New Zealand. It was formerly known as "red pine", although this name is misleading since it is not a true pine but a member of the southern conifer group the podocarps. Red pine has fallen out of common use and the Māori name rimu is now used.

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