Thursday, December 06, 2007

Stephen Fry talks 2008

Stephen Fry is currently filming a new BBC documentary in the United States in which he will visit all 50 states. He's travelling around in a London Black Cab.

He recently took time (via videolink from Miami), to talk to journalists in London about his weight loss, his smoking (no more), and his plans for 2008 which include the long-anticipated Last Chance To See TV series.

See this Manchester Evening News page for more on the busy busy life of Stephen Fry.
[Fry] plans to spend Christmas with House star Hugh Laurie and his family.

Stephen and Hugh are, of course, very old friends.

“It’s brilliant that he’s had this success and I’m, obviously, very proud,” remarked the ever-generous Mr Fry.
Projects lined up for 2008 include filming of his screenplay Dambusters, an intriguing re-make of classic 1955 British war film The Dam Busters.

He’s also travelling to South America, Africa and China for a documentary on endangered species, inspired by Douglas Adams’ book Last Chance To See.
And he’s written the script for Cinderella, which opened at London’s Old Vic Theatre this week, two new series of QI…
I'm looking forward to his new version of the The Dam Busters, however much I love the original. And it's high time that QI made an appearance on BBC America. With the writers strike bringing most US shows to a standstill soon (or already), it's heartening to know that I'll be able to turn to BBC America and get some decent entertainment. QI should be a part of that.

I can't wait for season 2 of the brilliant Life on Mars (starts December 11th), and Torchwood season 2 arrives at the end of January, shortly after the BBC's UK broadcast.

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