Saturday, September 08, 2007

Stephen Fry talks animals and Last Chance To See

There's a nice article over on the QI News page in which Stephen Fry describes animals as "pure televisual gold" and perfect subjects for the QI comedy panel game. The upcoming Last Chance To See TV series also gets a mention. Don't forget to visit our Another Chance To See shop where you'll find QI Series 1 on page 2 of the list of products.
"Their behaviour. The oddity of them. We all think we know so much about them largely because of the heroism of David Attenborough, yet so much remains undiscovered. How they act, why they do what they do, even the very construction of certain animals disarms us. Which is why they are such good news for the show: QI is all about the gap between what we the tangled undergrowth of knowledge."
Next year he is joining zoologist Mark Carwardine to trace the latter's journey with the late Douglas Adams, chronicled their 1990 book, "Last Chance to See". "It's rather marvellous. Because we have Douglas's recording of the book on audio, with his voice accompanying us and see what the current state of play is with each of the animals he wrote about. Some are now genuinely extinct, while others flourish, in some cases as a direct result of the book."

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