Friday, August 10, 2007

Komodo Dragon and Orangutans killed in Canary Islands fire

As wildfires rage out of control, burning more than 33,000 hectares of Canary Island forests, the Times Online reports that the fire has destroyed most of a wildlife park on Grand Canary.
Many of the animals at Palmitos Park, including reptiles, parrots, orangutans and a Komodo dragon, are thought to have died. An official said that many rare birds were released before the flames engulfed the park.
More than 13,000 residents were evacuated from their homes as firefighters battled at least four large blazes in Tenerife and Grand Canary.
where tens of thousands of British tourists are spending their summer holidays.


Roberto Iza said...

How very sad that such endangered species should die in such a biologically
exceptional part of the planet.

Anonymous said...

I live in Gran Canaria - the Orangutan (one male ) and a Komodo dragon did not die - they saved them. Small animals did die and some birds but they saved most of the animals and birds.

Gareth said...

Thanks for the update. Good news indeed.