Friday, December 03, 2004

RADIO - Mountain Gorillas, Komodo Dragons and Peter Jones

See below for a few streaming audio files from BBC Radio's Listen Again. It would be remiss of me not to mention my new techno combination which brings shows like this to my car radio in the USA. I use Replay Radio to record the shows to MP3 files, and then I play them in the car on my IRiver MP3 player with my I-Rock FM transmitter.

Record Internet radio. Click here to find out how!

If you get that all going, first up is a programme from April 2003 - Gorillas Are My Patients
The mountain gorillas of Central Africa are some of the most famous animals in the world. They live in the remote forests where Uganda, Rwanda and Congo meet. They are few in number and constantly under threat from poaching and habitat destruction.
Presenter Jim Clarke joins the vets and park rangers as they patrol the forests looking for patients. How do they control the spread of infection in such a huge area? And just what does it take to vaccinate a fully grown male silverback gorilla?
Next, here's an episode of Nature featuring a visit to Indonesia and the Komodo Dragons.
Yvonne Ellis undertakes a personal quest to find an unforgettable collection of lizards. On Rinca Island in Indonesia, she comes face to face with the Komodo Dragon the world’s largest lizard, whose breath can be fatal, but whose lifestyle contains some surprisingly tender moments.
Also, until December 7th, 2004, visit this Listen Again page, go the the letter "R" section, and listen to Radio Roots, this week about the legendary Peter Jones, voice of the Book, and also narrator of the Last Chance To See radio series.