Wednesday, October 20, 2004

WEBSITE - Adopt a Rodrigues Fruitbat

Last Gifts has this unusual gift idea for adopting a Rodrigues Fruitbat at London Zoo.
The bat has to be the all-time coolest pet you could have. With a rather impressive set of choppers in their tiny little gobs and the ability to sleep upside-down, well, you’ve gotta give ‘em some respect for that. Wouldn’t you love to have your own little Batfink? C’mon, get into the Halloween spirit this year and help the Zoological Society of London in their conservation of the Rodrigues Fruit Bat population by adopting one of these cute little critters.

Of course, when you adopt the bat, it’s not advisable that you keep it hanging in your back garden, so we’ll leave the experts to look after them at London Zoo. You’ll receive a free entrance ticket to London Zoo, so you can go along and visit your furry friends.