Wednesday, August 04, 2004

FIA African Rally Championship - Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally

This weekend sees the annual Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally, part of the FIA's African Rally Championship.

Date 6th - 8th August - Kigali, Rwanda


Rwanda Automobile Club will organize the 2004 event which starts from Kigali, the capital city . The rally is 350km of competitive sections run on gravel roads in hilly country side with the cooperation of the Government of Rwanda and local authorities. The event is organized by Dismas Kayibanda as the Chairperson and Benoit Daubie as clerk of the course.
The weather conditions during the event are dry and dusty. Rwanda has the only remaining sanctuary in the world for the mountain gorilla

Ugandan driver Riyaz Kurji rates his chances:
"We are confident we will win the rally because unlike in Zimbabwe and Zambia where recce is done in a convoy we will recce at our own pace. With good pace-notes, I don't think we will make mistakes," said Kurji who left for Kigali yesterday ahead of foreign drivers' route recce tomorrow.